Vestas BTT GAP Training

Vestas BTT GAP Training


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Training basic info

Course category GWO Basic Technical Training
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Duration 0 days
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Course description


The course includes theory and practice of the GWO BTT (Basic Technical Training) mechanical module Lesson 5, Use of Manual Tightening and Measuring Tools, Element 5.1: Select and using the correct manual tightenning tools. 


Basic Service Level D (SE D-Level)

*Lesson 5, Use of Manual tightening and Measuring Tools can be removed from the gap if the delegate has three months documented experience in a mechaanical enviroment.


55 min

Certificate Validity


more information:

Please note that certain companies may require specific or additional certification to meet their internal competency requirements. Vulcan Training strongly advises to check the competency/training requirements with your operator prior to booking the course with Vulcan. Vulcan can advise on general certification required in specific geographic regions,  but there may be additional training requirements according to local or company internal guidelines.