GWO Refr. BST Onshore (4 modules)

GWO Refr. BST Onshore (4 modules)


3234.90 PLN (including VAT)

Training basic info

Course category GWO Basic Safety Training Refresher
Code 0000
Duration 3 days
Certificate Validity 2 years
Accreditations single-course-sponsor-2

Upcoming dates

Date Time Location Vacant Seats
07.12.2021 08:00 Szczecin 8
14.12.2021 08:00 Szczecin 10
21.12.2021 08:00 Szczecin 10
28.12.2021 08:00 Szczecin 12

Course description

Course Duration:

3 days


Valid GWO BST or GWO BSTR course.


Weight below 150kg.

Valid health certificate.

Course Validity:

2 Years


To participate in the refresher training you must send your individual GWO WINDA ID number before you start it.


Target Audience:

The training is prepared for people who participated in the GWO Basic Safety Training BST, and their certificate is still valid.



Refresher training (REFRESHER) consists of the same modules as the basic training, but takes less time. Thanks to which you save time and money.

• Module 1 - First Aid Refreshe - First aid;

• Module 2 - Manual Handling Refreshe - Manual transport works;

• Module 3 - Fire Awareness Refreshe- Fire fighting;

• Module 4 - Working at Heights Refreshe - Safe work at height;


Confirmation of course implementation:

Confirmation of the course is its entry made by Vulcan Training & Consultancy in WINDA.

Please note that certain companies may require specific or additional certification to meet their internal competency requirements. Vulcan Training strongly advises to check the competency/training requirements with your operator prior to booking the course with Vulcan. Vulcan can advise on general certification required in specific geographic regions,  but there may be additional training requirements according to local or company internal guidelines.

Extension of validity:

The course is valid for 24 months from the date of passing the exams if it is renewed over the last 2 months of validity of the current training. However, when it is renewed in the period of 2 final months of validity of the current training, the new course is valid for 24 months + days remaining until the end of the previous course.

However, if the course expires before approaching refresher training, you must undergo the full basic training procedure again.


Before the deadline, you must take the GWO BST Refresher course to maintain your entitlement.


Delegates should bring:

• Valid health certificate

• Identification

• PLN 2.00 coin for the cabinet