GWO Slinger Signaller

GWO Slinger Signaller


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Training basic info

Course category GWO Slinger Signaller
Code -
Duration 2 days
Certificate Validity -
Accreditations single-course-sponsor-2

Upcoming dates

Date Time Location Vacant Seats
03.11.2021 08:00 Szczecin 6
18.11.2021 08:00 Szczecin 8
02.12.2021 08:00 Szczecin 8
13.01.2022 08:00 Szczecin 8

Course description

Course Duration

2 days


Registration in the WINDA database and obtaining the WINDA ID

Course Validity

The course is valid indefinitely.


Target Audience:

The course is dedicated to people who participate in crane operations in various industries, including the production, installation and maintenance of wind turbines and their components.


Course objective:

The goal of the course is to provide Delegates with knowledge and skills in the field of safe lifting of loads during lifting operations and to build awareness of the risks and threats related to working at the Slinger Signaller position.



Training with GWO accreditation issued by Lloyd’s Register.

During the training, delegates will acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to safely and effectively perform assigned tasks. The course includes demonstration by the instructor and the Delegate's practice in the field of:

• technician using slings and other accessories for lifting and depositing loads before and after a lifting operation;

• and signaling rules for simple lifting / lifting operations.

All operations are based on a detailed Lift Plan.

Delegates after the GWO SIinger Signaller training will be able to:

• suspend to and disconnect the load from the lifting device (eg crane);

• carry out the load transfer operation in a safe way signaling all movements, also during limited visibility of the crane operator;

• know the role and duties of the whistleblower during crane operations;

• carry out visual inspection of lifting accessories before and after the operation;

• use equipment for lifting operations;

• ensure safe lifting and setting down of the load;

• use slings for different types of load depending on weight, center of gravity, shape and size;

• perform routine lifting as planned;

• follow the instructions / procedures set out by the employer to manage lifting operations;

• make sure that the equipment is used and maintained properly;

• make sure that the equipment used is free from defects.


After booking the training place and before starting the training you must register in the WINDA profile After registration you will receive the individual WINDA ID. You need this ID to complete the training.

WINDA is a global database used by the Global Wind Organisation (GWO). The WINDA will enable training verification for training providers and employers. Delegates will have personal access to training records at WINDA.

After completing the training, Vulcan Training & Consultancy will send a digital GWO certificate record in WINDA.

To register a delegate or organization profile, visit:


Confirmation of course implementation:

Confirmation of the course is its entry made by Vulcan Training & Consultancy in WINDA.

 Please note that certain companies may require specific or additional certification to meet their internal competency requirements. Vulcan Training strongly advises to check the competency/training requirements with your operator prior to booking the course with Vulcan. Vulcan can advise on general certification required in specific geographic regions,  but there may be additional training requirements according to local or company internal guidelines.

Extension of validity:

The course is valid indefinitely.


Delegates should bring:

• ID Card