Enercon BTT GAP Training

Enercon BTT GAP Training


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Course category GWO Basic Technical Training
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Course description


The course includes theory and practice of the GWO BTT (Basic Technical Training) mechanical module and electrical module:

·         mechanical module:

Lesson 4, The principle of bolted nnd welded connections

ELEMENT 4.2: The locations of important bolted and welded connections

ELEMENT 4.3:Inspections of welded connections

Lesson 5, Use of manual tightening and measuring tools

ELEMENT 5.1: Selecting and using the correct manual tightening tools

ELEMENT 5.3: Feeler gauges

ELEMENT 5.4 Calipers

ELEMENT 5.5 Dial Gauge

Lesson 7 Gearbox

ELEMENT 7.1: The function and operating principles ELEMENT 7.2: Inspection of the gearbox

ELEMENT 7.2: Inspection of the gearbox

Lesson 10, Cooling System

ELEMENT 10.1 Components that requiring cooling and why

ELEMENT 10.2: Inspection of the cooling systems

Lesson 11, Lubrication System

ELEMENT 11.1: Components requiring lubrication and why

·         electrical module:

Lesson 6, Electrical Circuits

ELEMENT 6.2 Assembly of an electrical circuit




Courses included


05-XX-0004 EIP: Working on ENERCON wind energy converters

05-XX-0004 / 03-XX-0013EIP: Working on ENERCON wind energy converters

And Special Training – Electrics, Part 1

03-XX-0030: Working on Batteryand Capacitor Box

03-XX-0021: Special Training- Electrics, Part 2

03-XX-0013: Special Training- Electrics, Part 1

03-XX-0027: Measurement  and Testing Technology


Courses included (MECHANICAL):

02-XX-00001: Technical Basic Training

01-XX-00007: Wind Energy Introduction

05-XX-00001:Annual Safety Training- Theory


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