HARNESS USER including legislation, pre-use inspection checks, equipment donning/doffing procedures, inspecion and care of components of safety system

Safety Harness User


442.80 PLN (including VAT)

Training basic info

Course category BHP
Code 211
Duration 1 day
Certificate Validity 2 years
Accreditations -

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GWO Working at HEIGHTS E-learning+Practical
GWO W@HEIGHTS E-learning+Practical


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Course description

We have a wide range of occupational health and safety training, altitude courses and training in safe work at height in construction and rope access (work with mountaineering techniques also in IRATA accreditation). We offer high-altitude training in the field of first aid and evacuation of the injured from heights needed, among others, to work on windmills. After passing the practical exam, you will receive a certificate confirming the obtained authorization to work at height.

Training in the correct use of a safety harness covers many topics that will help you safely work at height by using the harness correctly. A poorly fitted harness can prove very dangerous; therefore training is essential for people who often use the harness when working at height. The skills you learn will help reduce the risk of a potentially fatal accident and protect your company from their consequences.

  • For a group of employees, we can organize a course at the construction site or at the workplace. If you have a large team that needs to be aware of the correct use of the harness then training will be an ideal option.
  • Learn how to use the harness correctly and safely
  • Check the relevant regulations governing work at height
  • We can deliver this course onside
  • The training is valid for two years.