OPITO Rigger Competence Stage 3

OPITO Rigger Competence Stage 3


4305 PLN (including VAT)

Training basic info

Course category OPITO Rigging & Lifting / OPITO Skills
Code 9099
Duration 2 days
Certificate Validity 2 years
Accreditations single-course-sponsor

Upcoming dates

Date Time Location Vacant Seats
15.11.2021 08:00 Szczecin 1
29.11.2021 08:00 Szczecin 4
13.12.2021 08:00 Szczecin 4
17.01.2022 08:00 Szczecin 4

Course description

Course Code


Course Duration

1-2 days


Delegates must hold a valid OPITO approved Stage 1 Rigger Training Certificate and a fully completed, ,valid log-book based on the OPITO Stage 2 Rigger Standard workplace requirements


A formal letter from the candidate’s employer or senior employer representative stating that the candidate has met the equivalent of the OPITO Stage 2 lifting experience logbook criteria - stated in Appendix 1 of OPITO Rigger Stage 1 standard. The formal letter should include details of the employer/senior employer representative’s position in the company, full contact details, and be signed and dated by the employer /senior employer representative.

Certificate Validity:

2 Years

Target Audience:

The target group for the Rigger Competence Stage 3 assessment is personnel who wish to become an OPITO-certified competent rigger.


Aim and objective:

The aim and objectives of the OPITO Stage 3 competence assessment are to establish that the candidate has the required underpinning knowledge, understanding and practical skills to fulfil the role of Rigger safely and effectively.


Confirmation of course implementation:

Certificate approved by the international organisation OPITO.

Please note that certain companies may require specific or additional certification to meet their internal competency requirements. Vulcan Training strongly advises to check the competency/training requirements with your operator prior to booking the course with Vulcan. Vulcan can advise on general certification required in specific geographic regions,  but there may be additional training requirements according to local or company internal guidelines.

Range extension:

The course is valid for 2 years. Before the deadline expires, you must take the OPITO Rigger Competence Stage 3 to get your crop validity or take the OPITO Rigger Competence Stage 4.


Delegates should bring:

• Identification