HELICOPTER UNDERWATER ESCAPE TRAINING (with Compressed Air Emergency Breathing System)



2995.05 PLN (including VAT)

Training basic info

Course category OPITO trainings
Code 5295
Duration 1 day
Certificate Validity 4 years
Accreditations single-course-sponsor

Upcoming dates

Date Time Location Vacant Seats
07.12.2021 09:00 Szczecin 11
14.12.2021 09:00 Szczecin 13
21.12.2021 09:00 Szczecin 16
28.12.2021 09:00 Szczecin 16

Course description

Course Code


Course Duration

1 day



Valid health certificate.

Certificate Validity

4 Years


Dedicated course:

The training is intended for people who require helicopter transport to the workplace or work on a unit equipped with a helicopter landing pad.

Course objective:

The aim of the course is to acquire basic knowledge regarding safety requirements and rules before and during a helicopter flight to marine installations.



During the training, delegates have the opportunity to do exercises in the pool using the HUET helicopter simulator, the same as in the Polish Navy, which simulates a helicopter emergency landing on the water, including its complete immersion.

Delegates are becoming aware of what they can expect in this situation and that following instincts is not the right path.

The training also introduces us to the procedures on the airfield or during a standard flight; provides knowledge of the proper use of rescue equipment used in civil air transport such as the CA-EBS (Compress Air Emergency Breathing System), types of lifejackets and overalls.


Qualifications obtained:

• Knowledge of rules and procedures during helicopter transport to and from offshore installations, and the ability to evacuate it in an emergency.

• Knowledge of the proper use of rescue equipment used in civil air transport such as the CA-EBS (Compress Air Emergency Breathing System).

• Ability to enter an air raft from water.


Confirmation of course implementation:

Certificate approved by the international organization OPITO, which authorizes to travel by helicopter to offshore installations and oil or gas ships.

Please note that certain companies may require specific or additional certification to meet their internal competency requirements. Vulcan Training strongly advises to check the competency/training requirements with your operator prior to booking the course with Vulcan. Vulcan can advise on general certification required in specific geographic regions,  but there may be additional training requirements according to local or company internal guidelines.

Extension of validity:

The course is valid for 4 years. Before the expiry of the deadline, to maintain the validity of acquired rights, you should refresh the OPITO HUET course with the module on the use of CA-EBS.


What a delegate should take with him:

• Valid health certificate

• Identification

• Swimwear, flip flops and towel

• Change socks