GWO ART SART-H Single Rescuer: Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (SR:HSIBR)



676.50 PLN (including VAT)

Training basic info

Course category GWO Advanced Rescue Training
Code -
Duration 1 day
Certificate Validity 0 years
Accreditations single-course-sponsor-2

Upcoming dates

Date Time Location Vacant Seats
07.05.2021 13:00 Szczecin 3
20.05.2021 13:00 Szczecin 7

Course description


Course Duration

1/2 day


Current trainings:

• Working at Height,

• First Aid

• Manual Handling

• A medical certificate for work above 3 m


Course Validity

indefinite period


Target Audience:

The course is dedicated to:

• for people who participate in work at height on wind turbines;

• for people selected by the employer to conduct an advanced rescue operation


Course objective:

Transfer of knowledge and skills in the field of advanced evacuation and rescue techniques in the environment of wind turbines.



Training with GWO accreditation.

The SAT-H Single Rescuer: Hub, Spinner and Inside Blade Rescue (SR:HSIBR) course is one of the Advanced Rescue Training (ART) training modules.

The objectives of the Single Rescuer - Hub, Spinner & Inside Blade module are to ensure delegates' ability to:

  • Assess and determine single rescuer rescue strategy (relevant rescue method, technique, certified equipment and how to organize the rescue efforts and incident scene) for various rescue scenarios
  • Apply rescue methods and techniques in performing descending and ascending single rescuer rescue operations, from a wind turbine generator (WTG) using a rescue stretcher and spineboard, manually operated and power-driven lowering/raising rescue system (rescue device and pulley system or similar), and other relevant rescue equipment


Confirmation of course implementation:

Confirmation of the course is its entry made by Vulcan Training & Consultancy in WINDA.


Extension of validity:

indefinite period


Delegates should bring:

• ID Card

• A medical certificate for work above 3 m