Food Handler Certificate

Medicals - Food Handler Certificate

PLN (exempt from VAT)

150 PLN (exempt from VAT)

Training basic info

Course category Medical examination
Code -
Duration 1 day
Certificate Validity 0.4 years
Accreditations -

Course description

To arrange a specific time, please contact the BOOKING department - tel. + 48 538343437 / + 48 538343438 / + 48 606771050

Price: 150 PLN (payable in cash in the doctor's office - the doctor issues VAT invoices for companies)


Food Handler Certificate


Certificate required for the catering crew - all persons involved in the preparation of food. It is issued in accordance with Merchant Shipping Medical Examination (seafarer) Rules, 2000 and ISM code 1/9, STCW-95. Issued on the basis of a SANEPID certificate presented by a crew member of the non-carriage of Salmonella, Shigella. This certificate must be brought for an appointment.


What a delegate should take with him:

The delegate should bring with him the SANEPID certificate of no carrier of Salmonella and Shigiella.


Confirmation of implementation:

Food Handler Certyficate with a maximum validity of 1 year.


Extension of validity:

The health certificate should be extended before its expiry.